Career Coaching Package

(6 weeks)


  • 6 weeks of 60-minute 1:1 private coaching sessions.
  • Private Group Forum for 24-hour accessibility to network, ask and answer questions.
  • Limited email support.
  • One 15-minute (scheduled) phone call if needed for check in and troubleshooting during the program.

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), Project Managers in the United States who are PMP certified earn $20,000.00 more than those who are not certified.​

Looking for a career that is rewarding, where you can earn a top salary and you will always be in demand? Look no further, a career in project management is exactly what you are looking for.

How a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification will benefit you and transform your life and career.

  • Six figure earning potential
  • Increase your current salary
  • Make 15% - 20% more than non-certified Project Managers
  • Add "PMP Certified" on your resume, and get immediate hits from recruiters
  • Ability to negotiate a starting salary from a position of power
  • Globally recognized certification (work anywhere in the world)
  • Work and get a job in any industry that you are passionate about
  • More marketability and better job opportunities
  • Allows for transferability between organizations and industries
  • PMP certification will never become obsolete
  • One certification, multiple occupational opportunities

About the Project Management Professional (PMP) training class.

  • The 35-hour training class will prepare you to pass the PMP exam and become a certified Project Management Professional
  • Expert instructor led class, bringing real world experience
  • Study resource & material, test taking tips, and strategies
  • PMP application assistance provided
  • PMP justification document for your employer
  • One 50-minute, one-to-one individual strategy coaching sessions with me, Earnest Robinson Jr.

The money you are losing each day, each week and each month you don't invest in yourself and in your career.

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Project management Professional (PMP) Training

Career Coaching package

(12 weeks)


  • 12 weeks of 60-minute 1:1 private coaching sessions.
  • Private Group Forum for 24-hour accessibility to network, ask and answer questions.
  • Unlimited email support for 6 months.
  • One monthly 15-minute (scheduled) phone call if needed for check in and troubleshooting during the program.
  • Career Gap Analysis.

career coaching

individual Sessions

(1 Session)


  • One scheduled 60 minute 1:1 coaching session.
  • Private Group Forum for 24-hour accessibility to network, ask and answer questions.
  • May schedule as many individual sessions as you like.
  • Choose your required coaching need from the list of coaching services.

IT Project Management Career Coaching  & Training

Earnest Robinson Jr.  Coach |Trainer|Author


Transform your career

earn the salary you deserve

live the life you desire

Transformational Group Coaching

(4 Sessions)


  • Four 90-minute group coaching sessions.
  1. Career Seeker Documents
  2. The Job Search
  3. Interview Preparation
  4. Salary Negotiation
  • Private Group Forum for 24-hour accessibility to network, ask and answer questions.
  • Limited email support
  • One 60-minute (scheduled) phone call. 
  • Next start date, Saturday June 9th
  • (12 noon - 1:30pm EST)


Specializing in Coaching IT Project Management Professionals

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI),

Project Management Professionals surveyed make over $115,000.00  a year.

IT Project Managers in the United States on average make over $116,000.00 a year.

Here are the results that you will get from my Transformational Career Coaching Program.


Coaching sessions are conducted in person or conveniently online with me Earnest Robinson Jr. As a Certified Career Coach, I meet you where you are currently in your life and in your career. I coach from a no excuse approach. If you are really committed and ready to move your life and career forward with positive results, this transformational career coaching program is for you.

I help you live out your passion in life and in your career. I help you create a path and a plan of action to accomplish your goals.

It's an undeniable fact that you cannot separate your professional life from your personal life. That is why I coach the entire person and not just your career. To be successful in your professional life, you must be strong and healthy in your personal life as well. I coach you on transforming your career, becoming the best you that you can be by managing stress, building confidence, eating healthy, exercising and growing spiritually.

By the time we finish your coaching program and you put in the work, you will gain the results that you are looking for.

Coaching Services:

  • Career Discover
  • Career Seeker Documents 

           (Resume, Cover Letter, Thank You Letter, Follow-up Letter, Request For Endorsement Letter, Portfolio)

  • Goals and Action Plan
  • Job Search  
  • Interview Preparation
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Pay Raise / Promotion
  • Annual Review
  • Holistic Balance (Spiritual / Physical / Emotional)
  • Time Management
  • Accountability

Choose the transformational service and package that's right for you.